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Virtualization Hypervisor Recommendations
Hello fellow members,

Im getting a server soon (Poweredge 2950) which i want to run some VM's on.
So i was wondering if you guys had any recommendations about what OS/Hypervisor to use?

PS: I know that the server is a little Boeing 747 so please don't post about that ;)
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Moved to the correct subform (Kinda, will add a Server subform)

Personally I use Windows Server 2016 Datacenter as the main OS and HyperV as the main hypervisor.

There is a crucial reason for this... If Datacenter and HyperV is used, all Windows Server VM's will activate automatically without you needing a license key per server VM.

And honestly since I started working with HyperV 40 hours a week, it became much better than VMWare.
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