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News Forums News & Updates [15/07/2017]
Hey guys,

Here are some forum news and updates. I've been doing a tonne of work on here to try and drive the YouTube community here. 

Plugins Installed (For users benefit)
  • MyAchievements
  • MyDownloads
  • NewPoints

With this plugin users have access to achieve little icons next to their names in the post bit and profile view. There are a number of achievements to get and more to come. At the moment I have dished out 100 achievements for all the Founders on the forum (Users with a UserID between 1-100).

[Image: FFntA0r.jpg]

I'll update with another forum thread with the list of the awards you can get. 


This  plugin will allow you to download things from the site. So it will be one nice central location for all the downloads you see in my videos. I'll also be able to put up downloads for sale (if I ever do that) or put up downloads for certain users with enough points


NewPoints is an addon where you can earn currency on the forum. In my case on this forum it's called 'Bits'. You can spend bits on Downloads and Achievements which I am implementing. You earn bits by posting on the forum among other things (Click me).

So that's it for now. Other small changes will be making there way onto the forums in order to use it more with my videos and drive a thriving community. 

Any suggestions are always welcomed.
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