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Mass Suggestion Thread.
Hey everyone and Jackk.

I'm glad to see that the forums are back up and running and it's been a decent amount of time. You may remember me from when the forums used to be up as i was an active member and made quite a few suggestions -- My previous name was Tygersaur. (Dang, i missed the founders badge :< ) 


The Introductions sub-forum (for anybody who is new to the idea) is a sub-forum for users to create threads introducing themselves to the forums. These threads are open to replies to be welcomed into the community by other members and chat with replies on their introduction. They can give the community and idea of who they are, what they're into and what they wish they do within the community forums as a little; you guessed it, introduction.

Who's Online Widget

This next suggestion is based on what used to be on the old forums but i see it on other forums a lot which is a list displaying a bunch of online users with an extra button linking to this page. This is pretty straight forward and i think it adds a lot to the page, considering it's such a minor addition. 

(this is what it looks like on another forum i use frequently)
[Image: KssApwX.png]

Disabling Friendly Redirect

As neat as this feature is, i personally find it annoying to have to wait a few seconds and/or manually press a button to speed up the process of redirecting to another page. There's not much to say about this but i suggested it on the previous forums.

Coloured Rank Names On Index Post Information

[Image: PSqBSd8.png]

This is how it currently looked. If you take a peek at the posters information, Jackk's name is currently the same name as a users name. A realy nice looking change for this would be to change it to match the colour of their usergroup. To look like this instead;

[Image: yejjCmj.png]

Spoiler Tags


The spoiler tag (as you probably know) is used to hide any potential spoilers or even hide text to shorten threads to allow optional reading of large sized images/textual paragraphs. Extremely handy and doesn't appear to be on the forums as of now.

Profile Views


This used to be on the old forums that we had, it was a neat little feature and added a small amount of personality to a users profile. I believe it should be added back on the basis that a users profile should have more than less when it comes to forums, this is an easy way to push that reality.

In-depth POST ratings


If you've ever used facepunch, you know exactly what this is. This is the general in-depth post rating system to rate individual posts. This can be useful to show which and how many users disagree/agree/have another opinion about a post without them directly needing to make a useless post without it being constructive. If their reply is of course constructive, they may but this is simply an easy way for users to express their opinions on a post without having to reply.

Thanks for reading, i hope that these can be looked at and taken into play at some point : )
Thanks for the suggestions. I shall look into implementing the ones I like in the near future
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Apologies if I'm breaking forums rules by bumping this thread but It appears that it's been forgotten and/or the suggestions weren't worthy (which is completely understandable). By any chance, could i get another response stating the status of the thread and if any of these will come to light?

Apologies for the bump, been nearly a month. Warn me if need be, just eager to see any result.
No problem with the bump, just haven't had a lot of time to work on the forums at the moment.
Please read the forum rules here
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(08-13-2017, 10:33 AM)Jackk Wrote: No problem with the bump, just haven't had a lot of time to work on the forums at the moment.

Appreciate the fast response. Glad to see that you're taking up your time with more productive things, however would Bradley be available to make these changes since he's also a forum admin (or is he also filled up time)?

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